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Why Educ8U?

We are doing a new thing. It can be a little complicated to describe, so I wanted to just take a few minutes and type up a blog post with some of those deets. Take classes, go on adventures, and learn life skills.

Here's what it's about:

IMPACT by Educ8U is a college program, that much is probably clear. It's not the college part you'll like though. It's the ADVENTURE. We take gold-standard college courses and add real life to them. Take trips with your college group and learn real life skills taught by the people who have "been there, done that" and want to share it with the next generation. We help you get more for your college dollar, both in terms of the program price and for what's in it for you or your student.

You can take college classes anywhere, but here are the three reasons you should check out the IMPACT program!

COLLEGE (and COLLEGE PLANNING) - You can take classes with our partner, Indiana Wesleyan University, or you can take them with the college of your choice. The real benefit that you have starting your college journey with Educ8U is that it starts with a comprehensive degree plan from an absolutely out-of-this-world degree planner. Even if you choose not to go to school through our program, you'll be way ahead of the pack just by chatting with our degree specialists about where you want to be. We can make a 1/5/10 year plan with you and make sure that you are set up for success wherever you choose to attend. A basic degree plan is free and you'll be much better prepared for the college market.

LIFE SKILLS - This is the part that we're really proud of! In addition to the degree plan and classes, you'll have a mentor to help you through life's "stuff". Mentors will also help with school assignments and keep you on track there, but the real value is when we get to know the real you. We're going to find out if you know how to change your oil, or a flat tire. To do your taxes for the first time, or how to sink a three-pointer. The big deal is, we're caring Christians who want to help you hit the world ready to tackle any challenge. We've had a couple of pilot student groups, and the absolutely amazing thing we've seen is that these relationships continue to flourish after graduation. If you need someone to pump you up for that big interview, you can always call your mentor.

ADVENTURE - OK, you've waited until the end for this next part. You'll go on 4 trips PER YEAR, where mentors are there to watch how your life skills lessons are taking. We'll have a lot of fun (the last trip was to Universal Studios in Orlando!) but we'll also expect to see planning skills, navigation around new and exciting places, cooking and home economics principles, and more. We call the Excursions, but they are jam-packed with fun and fellowship in the real world. It's like a summer camp, but for all of us big kids at heart to bring up the next generation into being productive, Christ-following, professionals. Check out the Adventure page for some great pictures of previous trips!

So, that's what our little program is all about. Get your school, take some trips with friends and learn valuable life skills while you get college out of the way. Click on the BOOK NOW button below if you'd like to learn more. It's free and only takes a minute. We look forward to hearing from you!



TJ Pander, Educ8U Mentor and Marketer

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