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Welcome to the blog page for Educ8U and the IMPACT program! We're glad you are here and hope that you're getting what you need. Our mentors and leaders in the program will post things here from time to time; anything from how to navigate different college experiences and challenges to how to tie a bowline at a campsite.

We'll talk about issues with the education system and classical education tips, we can address ongoing legislative issues, and of course we can't help but to tell you all about how whole-person learning can benefit you and your family. But best of all we will try and pass on some of the lessons that we learn from teaching in the field.

So check back early and often, we're going to try and ensure something is posted every day but the wheels of education overhaulin' are a-turnin' so let us know if we can cover some subjects you really want to hear, just shoot us a quick email at



The Educ8U Staff

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