Odyssey Excursion Job Board

Below you will find a list of positions available during Odyssey Excursions.  Take a look at what is available and what you think is in your skill set or things you will enjoy.  This exercise will teach you how to search for a job, what to do when you find one, what employers are looking for in a resume, and fine-tune your interview acumen.  When you click "apply" it will open your mail app.  Attach your resume to the email, add your cover letter to the body of the email and note the job you are applying for in the subject line.  If you are unsure or get stuck, reach out to your Mentor(s) for guidance.  You will get out of this what you put into it, have peers or parents proofread and critique your resume, do mock interviews with friends and family, and use your resources.  You will be expected to have a robust resume with zero defects, proper formatting and relevant data.  You have mentors, classmates, parents, friends, and many other people in your life who will help you make it a polished product.  After this course you can use this resume as a jumping off point for your real resume, and even use the skills that you utilize in this course as a way to build it.