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 Homeschool enrichment programs are chock-full of wonderful educational opportunities.  Physical fitness is not commonly found in most of these programs due to the logistical demands.  That's where Educ8U can help.  We have group rates for the largest and smallest of groups and we come to you with everything we need for a fun-filled day of teamwork, fitness and camaraderie that will help to round out your homeschool program.  If you are in the Denver area, fill out a contact form below to find out more!

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Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the main goal of the enrichment physical education programs.  We can also teach things like injury prevention and help to hone technique in most cases.

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics are already happening in your classroom, now let us take those lessons out into the sun, where students can learn to lead, follow and work together toward a common goal.


Teamwork is a major function of physical education.  Your kids won't even know that they are learning valuable teamwork and followership skills as they run jump and play the day away.


Sports teach the most basic leadership and encourages those born leaders to step up.  It also encourages reluctant leaders to try hard to improve skill and communication. 


Teach your students to fall and get back up again by encouraging them to try and fail.  Show them that it's not always perfect on the first try, but that it's worth working hard.  


Community is a main goal of any enrichment program and through sports and shared goals, your students will learn to not only work together but to respect and elevate each other.


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