College?  Trips?Free money?  How's that work?

We understand that college, four trips per year and practical life skills like finance, auto maintenance, taxes, etc sounds costly.  But it's not costly to you!  With student aid you will likely qualify for some (if not all) of your tuition to be paid for up front.  Our qualified staff can be your guide through a complicated system of applications and programs, and these programs are made to fit within the bounds of FAFSA.  If you hit a snag or need a little help, that's okay, you can always contact us for guidance through the process. 

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Log on

Click the link above to go to the FAFSA website. Make sure the URL ends with .gov.  This means that you are on the government's secure server. 

Enter your info

Enter your personal information.  You will have to have an account or create one.  If you need assistance, we're here for you.  Contact us via the chat window at the bottom right!

Get your degree

You'll get an answer within a few days as to the amounts you are approved for, click below to make an appointment with an advisor and start your program!

Hotline Consultant

Need more help?  No problem!

You can easily reach out to an advisor who can help you with the details on the FAFSA site.  Type your email into the box below and someone will contact you as soon as possible, generally the same day.  

Find an advisor TODAY

Get access to an advisor to see what Educ8U can do for U!  We don't send a whole lot of email.  

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