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Welcome to the Engage Ministry Program!  We exist to help you answer God's calling in your life.  Whether that means that you are seeking a professional career as a pastor or associate pastor, or you're just wanting to learn a little more about the Bible, we're here for you. 

Engage is a program that can help you learn more about The Bible and Christian history, and if you'd like to turn that into a degree you can do that with relative ease and without breaking the bank.  If you feel called but are apprehensive, or if you feel called to a niche area of the church, or if you're just feeling spiritually led to learn what the word "hermeneutics" means, it's still a calling!  

Engage exists to help you answer the call.

Whole-Person Education

We focus on the whole person when we teach.  Life doesn't happen in a vacuum, neither does ministry.  We take every facet of life into your training, and focus on three distinct areas: Education, Encounter and Experience.


Education is what it sounds like.  Theology, history, church planting, leadership fundamentals and life skills training all encompass the educate stream of your education.  You'll take classes at accredited institutions and earn a degree if you feel led!


The Encounter stream of the E4 program is where you learn yourself and dig into what will make you a great minister.  Things like Enneagram, Strengthsfinder and Sacred Pathways will help you hone in on who God has made you and for what purpose. 


We believe in hands-on, whole-person education.  We get to know you, we travel with you, we learn what makes you tick so we can help you find the right gears to help you tick more efficiently.  Don't expect a "pay your fee, get a B" experience here. 

Meet the team

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Scott Applegate

Scott is the founding pastor of Novation church in Westminster, CO. He received a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry from American Christian College and Seminary. He has over 29 years of pastoral experience in the U.S. and abroad. Scott loves the local church and is passionate about building community and seeing people come into a relationship with Jesus.  Pastor Scott is the vision behind E4 Ministries, and his passion for community translates to an innate ability for lifting up students to reach their goals, whether those are for a degree or simply to learn more and grow in Christ.  Pastor Scott is married with three children, and loves baseball and 

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