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 Educ8U started as an idea from a fledgling company that aimed at allowing teens to take courses to fulfill their associates degree while still in high school.  This program was hugely successful and as we scaled out, it became obvious that we were following God's will for us, not only becuase of the success, but also how many lives this has already changed.  Read on to learn more about our team and how we can help you achieve your college goals. 

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mentor team

Jamie Pander

Jamie is a veritable fountain of knowledge about Educ8U processes and is passionate about education in general.  Jamie is a natural born teacher, mentor, guide and friend.  You will get an opportunity to work with Jamie in this program, because she is everywhere. She also happens to be married to Travis ----->

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Travis Pander

Travis is passionate about teaching through creative endeavors such as video and graphics.  He's a cut-up and if there's a prank war on your trip you can bet he's involved somehow.  Travis' background is in the arts, primarily music production, video editing and social media design.  But his biggest achievement to date is marrying Jamie <-------over there

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Zach Miller

Zach is a wealth of knowledge in classical education and educational development.  Zach lives the calling in 1 Peter 3:15 to share christ in a gentle and respectful way, and he does so effortlessly.  If you need an advocate, Zach is your guy.  If you need technical help, Zach is your guy.  If you need a faithful ear to listen, he's your guy.

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Cathy Gray

Cathy Bartlett Gray is a veteran homeschool mom (22 years and counting!) to four kiddos.  Cathy has a passion for youth development and leadership; she loves helping others build their success story.  She loves spending time adventuring with friends and family in her home state of Maine and all over the globe.

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